Augustinian Identity

A Christian community of friends working together for the common good.



We are one family pursuing God together.
We acknowledge Jesus as the center of our community life.
We are committed to helping one another find truth.
We have a climate of sincere friendship and concern for others.
We have a generous attitude and a zest for growth in life.
We have a deep respect for the individual without detriment to his responsibility to the community.
We learn to love God by loving one another.



He is a model for his student to imitate.
He loves his students with a father’s and mother’s love.
He is gentle and patient, loving and firm.
He acknowledges and adjusts to students’ individual differences.
He teaches and learns in turn.
He exercises his authority in the spirit of love.
He loves truth above all.
He shows the way and walks along with his students.



Every student who enrolls in CSA should have the following portrait of The Augustinian Student as the ideal that he should try to emulate:

He is restless in his search for truth.
He is introspective and reflective.
He is humble and open to others.
He is responsible in exercising freedom.
He is ordered in what he values.
He is understanding without compromising absolute truth.
He is balanced and moderate.
He is sincere and transparent.
He is attentive and available to others.
He is determined and studious.
He is friendly and community-oriented.
He is simple in thoughts, words, and manner of living.