Core Values

Colegio San Agustin Makati takes pride in its great tradition and ensures that students imbibe the core values of Truth (Search of God though the pursuit of Truth), Unity (Union with God and others in the school faith community and Charity (Love of God and others).

CSA Core Values

June: Devotion to Study

“In Christ, man encounters the Truth he longs for.”


  1. Read the Bible.
  2. Show interest and enthusiasm in studies.
  3. Ask reflective questions.
  4. Apply what they have learned.
  5. Visit and utilize library resources.



July: Honesty and Integrity

“God knows every detail of my being.”

  1. Tell the truth at all times.
  2. Respect others’ property as you respect your own.
  3. Be accountable for your action.
  4. Do what is right even if no one sees you.
  5. Surrender lost and found items.



August: Prayer and Interiority

“Holy quietness and fair activeness.”

  1. Reflect with your actions, thoughts and deeds.
  2. Set a time for silence and prayer.
  3. Make all your work an offering to God.
  4. Celebrate Mass with your family.
  5. Examine your conscience at the end of the day.



September: Shared Goals, Vision and Identity

“Live together in harmony having one mind, one heart, in God and towards God.”

  1. Maintain the positive image of the school and uphold the good name of the family.
  2. Take pride of being an Augustinian.
  3. Think, do and pray for what is best for the family.
  4. Live in harmony with one another.
  5. Promote the Augustinian culture of excellence.



October: Friendship

“Be a friend to all.”

  1. Greet everyone with a sincere smile.
  2. Use polite, positive and encouraging words.
  3. Be a true and loyal friend.
  4. Be a friend without borders.
  5. Be a good listener.



November: Concern for the Common Good

“Charity is not self-seeking.”

  1. Do what is best for all.
  2. Do unto others what is good and right for them.
  3. Show concern for the less fortunate members of the society.
  4. Be steward of God’s creations.
  5. Be sensitive to the needs of others.
  6. Lend a hand.


December: Respect and Acceptance.

“By praising what is good with others, we ourselves become better.”

  1. Respect individual differences.
  2. Recognize the importance of each individual.
  3. Accept everyone unconditionally.
  4. Be an advocate of peace.
  5. Count everyone as a blessing.


January: Simplicity

“It is better to need less than to have more.”

  1. Live within your means.
  2. Observe simple lifestyle.
  3. Maximize the use available materials.
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore
  5. Clean in thought, words and deeds.


February: Humility

“Everything that we have comes from God.”

  1. Show willingness to accept changes.
  2. Accept limitations and fraternal corrections.
  3. Acknowledge the strengths and goodness of others.
  4. Respect the opinions of others.
  5. Willing to forgive and seek forgiveness.


March: Generous Service

“Serve your brothers well with good cheer, trying even to anticipate their needs”.

  1. Lead others to God.
  2. Be involved in church projects and activities.
  3. Share your talents and blessings to others.
  4. Do things at the right time for the right purpose.
  5. Be a committed servant-leader.
  6. Do what you have to do and do it properly.