Student Services

The High School Department has developmental outreach activities for the four year levels. The following are the outreach activities and outreach sites for the four year levels:

• First Year: tutorial and interaction with the children of Sta. Monica Learning Center, Guadalupe and Blessed Guanella Center, Quezon City;
• Second Year: tutorial and interaction with the children of Blessed Guanella Center and interaction with the elderly of Hospicio de San Jose;
• Third Year: tutorial of Grade 6 students of Nemesio Yabut Elementary School; and
• Fourth Year: house building and catechism at CSA-GK Village, Napindan, Taguig.

The First – Third year levels are given their schedule to build houses and catechism at the CSA-GK Village.

The Tatak Agustino scholarship program is on its fourth year this school year. There are 45
grade school and high school students from the parish of San Agustin-Intramuros who were chosen to be scholars of Tatak Agustino. They are given a stipend of Php 1000 each for one school year. This stipend is given in staggered distribution.

The Adeodatus Scholarship Trust Foundation has 15 college scholars who receive a semestral allowance of Php 3500 pending submission of good semestral grades.

Library and Media

Colegio San Agustin prides itself in providing relevant information resources that enhance the teaching-learning environment, as well as, promote information and technology literacy among its students.

Guidance Services

Colegio San Agustin, Makati prides itself in providing excellent student services for the holistic development of our students. Student Services include the Guidance Services, Health Services, Library Services, and Food Services.

Health Services

The Health Service Department is located in the Grade School building between the Bookstore and Grade School Department Office. It caters to the health needs of the Augustinian community…