The Office of Campus Discipline, Safety and Security is a service-oriented unit composed of a team of full-time Security Officers and a Committee on Safety, Traffic, and Disaster/Emergency Preparedness. Appointed by the Rector, the Campus Discipline, Safety and Security Coordinator leads this unit.


The main function of the unit is to ensure a safe, secure, and conducive learning environment for the entire school community. Areas of focus include education for all stakeholders on code of discipline, implementation of various programs on safety and security, awareness and training on managing crisis and emergency situations, and enforcement of the school’s standard operating procedures, rules, and regulations.


The unit also recognizes the support and cooperation of the entire school community in carrying out its function. It is incumbent on every member of the school to be alert to situations related to campus safety and security.

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The specific duties and responsibilities of the Office of Campus Discipline, Safety and Security are the following:


  • Plans, implements, and evaluates various programs that will promote the safety and welfare of the school community, and the protection of the school property;
  • Oversees and coordinates the implementation of the crisis and emergency management plans, traffic management policies, people and property policies, and campus discipline guidelines;
  • Enforces school rules and regulations, safety and security protocols, and campus discipline guidelines;
  • Prepares administrators, school personnel and students to take appropriate actions in response to natural, technological, and school hazards; and
  • Provides the members of the school community with policies, guidelines, and procedures that the school will utilize during crises or emergency situations.