Guidance Services

Colegio San Agustin, Makati prides itself in providing excellent student services for the holistic development of our students. Student Services include the Guidance Services, Health Services, Library Services, and Food Services.

The Guidance Team is headed by Rev. Fr. Julito H. Santiago, Jr. OSA, the Director of Student Services. Directly under him is the Guidance Coordinator, Mrs. Ma. Cecilia Aurea F. Abando, RGC. The main office is located in the Grade School Building. There are also satellite guidance offices in the PS and HS Building. Likewise the Testing Center is located in the HS building.

The Guidance Team is composed of eighteen (18) committed and highly qualified guidance staff. There are two (2) PS Counselors, seven (7) GS Counselors, four (4) HS Counselors, three (3) Testing staff, one (1) Secretary, and one (1) Secretarial Assistant. An ideal counselor – counselee ratio is met in all levels. There is 1 counselor in every grade/year level with a ratio of 1:500 students.

The guidance team believes in one philosopy, “commitment to individual uniqueness, self-empowerment and maximum development.”

The CSA Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program is built on Team Approach. The program itself is developmental in nature. It is systematic, sequential, clearly defined and accountable.

The main goal is to provide all students with life skills and empower them to think, decide, and effect change in their own lives.

As educators who are trained in childhood and adolescent development, the guidance staff effectively delivers the program using the four (4) guidance components namely: the guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and system support. All students are given the chance to meet their grade/year level counselors at least once in a school year. Students with special needs are given attention through individual assistance. The Guidance Center supports the Academic Behavior Assistance Program of the GS Department. Furthermore, referral to outside specialists is done when necessary.

The guidance staff is provided with varied growth activities as well as benchmarking activities to share best practices with local and international schools. They are encouraged and supported by the school in graduate studies, as well as attendance and membership in professional and accredited organizations.

Parents take an active role in the formation of their children through active participation in guidance activities and conferences with the guidance staff. They support the annual parenting seminars, the plenary test interpretation activities, the developmental programs/enrichment activities and advocacy programs such as the Anti-Bullying Campaign.

The Guidance Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Visit us and get to know our guidance services. We are happy to serve you.