Health Services

The Health Service Department is located in the Grade School building between the Bookstore and Grade School Department Office. It caters to the health needs of the Augustinian community from 7:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday and 8:00am – 12:00nn during Saturdays.


e Department is composed of efficient and licensed professional staff of two (2) Physicians, two (2) Dentists, two (2) Nurses, two (2) Medical Aides and one (1) Dental Aide. Excellent health facilities (7-bed infirmary and an isolation room) are available to meet the needs of our patients. Medicines and basic supplies for emergency are available in the clinic.

The Health Service Department works in close collaboration with the different sectors of the Augustinian community e.g. Pre-school, Grade School, High School, PTA, Guidance, Maintenance, Administrative, etc.

Services offered are as follows:
1. Annual Physical Examination (Medical & Dental) of Students
2. Immunization Program
3. Classroom instructions to all levels
4. Daily consultations and treatment of first aid during cases of emergencies
5. Conducts outreach and medical missions in coordination with the different sectors.
6. Provides medical support/during sports fest, field trips and major school activities
7. Oral Prophylaxis
8. Extraction of Primary Teeth
9. Medical & Dental Examination of New Employees