Library and Media Center

Colegio San Agustin prides itself in providing relevant information resources that enhance the teaching-learning environment, as well as, promote information and technology literacy among its students. The different libraries and the Media Center are its innovative partners in the quest for academic excellence.

The Preschool Library is home to a collection of picture books that encourages young learners to browse their printed pages. Regular story-telling sessions are also conducted to promote love for reading. Its colorful and homey atmosphere welcomes the young readers to stay and read to their hearts’ content.

The Grade School Library has an aesthetically designed environment that promotes an inviting and pleasant atmosphere conducive to reading and researching. Its rich and updated collection of books, journals and periodicals gives the Augustinian pupil a wide array of choices to satisfy his craving for knowledge and aid in his search for truth. Furthermore, it houses several computers with Internet access to enable the grade school pupils to search information in the World Wide Web.

The High School Library provides a wide array of reading materials that cater to the research and recreational needs of its clientele. It provides access and assistance to scholarly information that is required to meet the education and service mission of the school. Aside from its profuse collection of books and other printed materials, it also has several computer units with Internet access.

The CSA Media Center provides a variety of services that supports the curricular and co-curricular programs of the school. It houses a rich collection of audio-visual materials in both analog and digital formats. It provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that support the integration of technology in classroom instruction. It produces different learning materials used for teaching and learning, as well as, information dissemination. It is manned by a highly competent staff that takes care of the audio, photo and video needs of the school. It also provides technical assistance in different school programs.

The different libraries and the Media Center offer learning services, print and audio-visual resources that enable all members of the school community to become critical thinkers and effective users of information in different formats and media.