HS Department Announces Yearend Programs

Grade 12 Grand Recognition Program marks another one of CSA’s milestones as we celebrate one of our first-few virtual ceremonies.
This revered ritual of honoring our students’ and their parent’s hard work, sacrifices, and achievements has been a source of pride and jubilation to the entire Augustinian community.
The annual Grand Recognition Program serves as a means of acknowledging and rewarding the students’ diligence and determination as emanated throughout the school year.
Formatives… ✅
Summatives… ✅
Final assessments… ✅
What could be missing? 🤔
In face-to-face, we would be having celebrations, eating with friends and family, and feel relieved that the school year is finally over. But now, miles apart and online, that all seems like an impossible reality.
Worry not, Augustinians – we still have much to show you❗️To end the year with a bang, we’ll be having our respective Batch Hour Programs from 1 PM to 2 PM tomorrow, March 26th, 2021 💥 Zoom details will be provided to you privately.
Get your party hats on 🥳 and your festive mood ready 🎉, because we’ll be having a blast!
See you there! 😘


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