The Junior High School Department offers both curricular and co-curricular programs geared towards the further development of the intellectual skills and inherent talents of the students. The Department further seeks to develop their character, imbued with Augustinian values, to prepare them for higher education, so that they may, ultimately, become committed Catholics, competent and responsible leaders, and worthy citizens of our society.
Specifically, the Junior High School Department aims to:
1. Develop in our students a deep understanding and appreciation of their faith through relevant curricular offerings and the creation of a spiritual atmosphere, where they grow and live as true Christians in the light of Catholic ideals;
2. Induce in our students an insatiable thirst for truth and knowledge needed for higher education and as a preparation for life through the development of such skills as critical and creative thinking, decision-making, problem solving, and effective communication;
3. Inculcate in the minds and hearts of our students the love for and commitment to the morally accepted Filipino values, traditions, and ideals for our rich indigenous culture and to encourage respect for the cultures of other people;
4. Provide the students with a healthy and Christian atmosphere of meaningful and wholesome relationship, which will enable them to grow into mature persons capable of maintaining a sound and harmonious relationship with the opposite sex;
5. Instill in our students the spirit of friendship and togetherness, the hallmark of the Augustinian family, and the attitude of respect and tolerance for other persons in keeping with the Augustinian way of life—unity in diversity; and
6. Make the students fully aware of the intrinsic dignity of all men and their God-given rights to train them to assume social responsibility and to develop in them a genuine concern for the less fortunate through the outreach program of the school.

Following the the K to 12 curriculum, the Junior High School Department is made up of students in Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. Its Instructional Program is designed to give the students a solid and well-rounded Christian, doctrinal foundation and formation. The program is also intended to develop to the fullest the God-given spiritual, intellectual, physical, social capabilities, and other special skills and talents of the students, so they may truly become instruments of salvation for others and dedicated builders of the City of God.