A Christian community committed to the building up of the City of God through the formation of true Augustinian servant leaders.


Colegio San Agustin is committed to the cause of the Kingdom, the salvific mission of the Church, by providing quality and relevant education to the youth through excellent curricular and co-curricular offerings, integration of faith and life, care for the environment, development of moral and the social virtues, promotion of health and cultural programs, and fostering of civic and patriotic attitudes. All these are geared to the development of dynamic leadership and community life centered upon God.


The Augustinian way of education is characterized by love and understanding. The school is, first and foremost, a family and a community of friends “having but one mind and one heart intent upon God”. The Augustinian school is a place where community feeling is experienced, where people live together without fear of one another, and where a free and creative exchange of ideas stimulates the learning process.

Core Competencies

Christian Leadership / Academic Excellence / Augustinian Formation / Commitment and Service


Virtue and Science
Virtus et Scientia


One mind, one heart intent upon God.
Anima una et cor unum in Deum

THRUST FOR AY 2019 -2020

We, the empowered, the gifted and the beloved Augustinians are of one mind and one heart in the service of God’s people.

Core Values

Colegio San Agustin Makati is committed to the promotion of the following core values:

Veritas (Truth) Unitas (Unity) Caritas (Charity)
Search for God through the Pursuit of Truth Union with God and Others in the School Faith Community Love of God and Others
- Devotion to study
- Honesty and Integrity
- Prayer and Interiority
- Catholic, Augustinian Identity and Mission, and Shared Goals
- Friendship
- Concern for the Common Good
- Respect and Acceptance
- Simplicity
- Humility
- Generous Service