CSA Makati welcomes its new Rector, Fr. Dante M. Bendoy, OSA. Congratulations, Fr. Bendoy!

Christmas Message 2019

Christmas is in the air again, so I would like to greet each one a Merry and Blessed Christmas. Christmas is the season when most people get busy with material preparations like decorating the house, preparing food, buying presents, eating, drinking and getting merry. However, let us be reminded that Christmas is not just about colorful decorations or nice clothes or new shoes or expensive presents or gifts, rather it is about the presence of God in our lives, the presence of the people we love and who love us---our families, our relatives, our friends and even our neighbors. This is a day to be with them and show them the gift of love as a family or as a community. It is also a day to think of the people who have wronged us, and those we have offended as well because Christmas is a time of forgiveness and acceptance. It is a time to humble ourselves and share the love and blessings we have received from God. Christmas is a time to receive and to give gifts, but even if we don't have gifts to give, we can give our presence to the people we love. St. Pope JPII said, "No one is so poor that he has nothing to give, and no one is so rich that he has nothing to receive.

The first Christmas reveals to us the best gift ever given, and that is the presence of a God who became one with us because of His great love for us---A God who incarnates to forgive us and save us from all our sins. Thus, more than the physical preparations that we do for Christmas, the best way to celebrate it is to prepare our hearts and our souls that we may be worthy of the love of Jesus and the Father.

May you feel this great love this Christmas in the presence of the people who surround you so that you can also be instruments to make others feel and experience the love of God through you. May this day bring love and forgiveness to your heart so that you can humble yourself and and be obedient to the will of God in your life. Have a blessed and meaningful Christmas to all of you my dear Augustinians! Fr. Dante M. Bendoy, OSA Rector

Receperint Retro!

My dear Augustinians, greetings of peace to all of you! I hope you had a fruitful and meaningful summer vacation! Someone once said, "Every beginning has its end and every end has a new beginning!" Soon your vacation will end and a new school year will commence! I wish that you all welcome this new academic year with great enthusiasm and positivity.

This year is a special year to us all as we are celebrating our 50th year of existence as an institution. For 50 years, we have all been working towards the buidling up of the City of God, and all our programs and activities have been geared towards the fulfillment of this vision and the success of our mission. As part of the Augustinian family of CSA Makati, you will be challenged again to do your role as students in achieving our goals.

May you all be instruments towards the achievement of our hopes and dreams. May all the values taught to you in school be emanated in all your dealings and doings. May friendship, camaraderie and family spirit continue to flourish in your midst. Always be living witnesses of what our patron St. Augustine envisions us to be. And may you always be true Augustinian servant leaders to all people you meet everyday. May you all be the hands and hearts of Jesus especially to the least, the lost and the last! May you also be the living witnesses of the words and works of Christ as followed and lived by our patron, St. Augustine!

Let us welcome everyone with open arms and with a smile. I will see you around! And goodluck on your new journey this 2019-2020!