CSA Employees Grateful for Community Pantry

CSA’s community pantry is still going strong, thanks to the generous support and donations not only from the Dasmariñas community but also to CSA’s parents.  After Barangay Chairman Mrs. Rosanna Wang donated goods to our school community pantry, Mrs. Margaux Cantada, grade 6 parent representative, also sent donations today, September 10, Feast of St. Nicholas[…..]

Barangay Dasma Donates to CSA Community Pantry

CSA wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to Barangay Captain Rossana Hwang and the rest of her staff at Barangay Dasmarinas Makati for donations sent to our CSA community pantry.  Our CSA maintenance and agency-hired personnel observed social distancing and health protocols as they lined up to get their share from the community pantry.  Your[…..]