Staggered Issuance of CSA Car Stickers Starts June 19. Guidelines Released.

Please be informed that the issuance of the CSA car stickers for academic year 2019 -2020 will start tomorrow, 19 June 2019. To facilitate the release of car stickers, and to avoid overcrowding in the Urdaneta Hall, processing of application forms will be done tomorrow initially for Preschool, Grade one, Grade two and Grade three parents. We will constantly update everyone regarding the issuance of stickers for the other levels. Kindly take note of the guidelines for application:

1. Application for and issuance of CSA car stickers will be done only in the Urdaneta Hall. The following are the requirements for application:
* Accomplished application form (Forms are available at the front desk in the Urdaneta Hall.)
* Photocopy of LTO papers (OR/CR) or company authorization for vehicles that are not registered
under parent’s name.
* Photocopy of official receipt or car invoice for brand new vehicles.
2. The application procedure is as follows:
a. Fill out application form and affix signature on the space provided at the bottom of the form.
b. Attach vehicle documents to the application form. Proceed to the verification table.
c. Pay at the Accounting Office the fee of Php 300 per sticker.
d. Submit forms and receipt at the issuance table.
3. Vehicles painted/covered with company name and advertisements will not be entertained.
4. Each family may get a maximumo f three (3) CSA car stickers.
5. The color coding of CSA car stickers is used to determine a vehicle’s time of entry into the campus. The color of CSA stickers is based on the level of the youngest enrolled child.
Yellow (Preschool/ECE) Red (Senior High School)
Green (Grade School) Gray (Personnel)
Blue (Junior High School) Pink (ASEP)
6. Stickers will be attached to the vehicle only by the CSA security guards.
7. Unclaimed stickers for the previous academic year will be forfeited.
8. Only vehicles with authorized CSA car stickers are allowed entry into the school campus.


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