CSA Launches English Month this November.

RISEN: Reimagining and Igniting the Splendor of English in the New Normal
Let us all come together and celebrate the English Month! Join us as we marvel at the beauty of Language and Literature through these various fun-filled activities!
Bring out your literary genius by joining LitFic! Exercise your creative juices in the Book Face Challenge! Release your poetic prowess through Blackout poetry! Flex your skills and battle it out with other language aficionados in the Grammar Wars!
Indeed, we are living through these uncertain times, but let us not allow this unfortunate reality to deter us from continuously seeking ways to further enhance our knowledge and skills. Let us stand together as one team as we reimagine and reignite the splendor of English!
“Bad times, hard times, this is what people keep saying; but let us live well, and times shall be good. We are the times; Such as we are, such are the times.” – St Augustine


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