TATAK AGUSTINO 2021: Innovating a Legacy

❤️ TATAK Agustino 2021: Innovating a Legacy 💛
14 Years of Augustinian Legacy — redefined and reinvented in the new normal.
A Partnership of the SHS Theology Area and Grade 12 Council
Video by: Denise Atanque, Denise Narvaez, and Juztine Bunda
Animation by: Arabella Ramos
Voiceover by: Abrick Pigason
Song: Start Up by Kim Dong Hyeok
Innovating a legacy can’t truly happen without the 🌟 #LEGACY 🌟, so let’s meet the 12 Projects that set the course of TATAK ‘21 on track! 🥰
Introducing: 💎 Batch 2021’s TATAK Agustino Legacy Projects 💎 — one’s sure to leave you wanting more! 😎 😊
Video by Denise Ruth Atanque, Bianca Alexandra Martinez, Denise Aaliyah Narvaez, and Rheign Lim
Voiceover by Abrick Pigason
Animation by Arabella Ramos
Students Featured: Lauviah Caliboso, Chynna Bondoc, Sophia Barredo, Jaimee Aquino, Jacqueline Lim, Andrea Villagomez, Apurva Chellani, Leilianne Randrup, Isabella Lozada, Regina Hernandez, and Renee George
Song: Start Up by Kim Dong Hyeok


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